There are so many occasions that define our lives. Some happy, some sad, however there is no such occasion where Flowers don’t fit in. Most of the times one doesn’t know what exactly to give someone and wonder which gift will be an appropriate one. That is where flowers step in.

Flowers can bring an instant smile and having the right flowers for the right occasion can be even better. Here is a comprehensive list of flowers and Flower Arrangements as per occasions, to help you do exactly that:


Since this is a happy occasion that falls during spring, any bright seasonal flowers will do! Spring gives you a beautiful collection of garden fresh flowers. If you still want a concise list, pick from Tulips, Iris or Daffodils. These are the flowers which are at their best as it is spring time.


The best idea for Birthday flowers is anything colourful. The flowers can be of your choice, but make sure look beautiful and are colourful. Birthday being a happy occasion brings various shades of colours. View Our Birthday Flowers


Anniversary’s are a very special occasion, that deserve something unique so pick the seasons best flowers it works wonders and adds a touch of class. Another idea would be to pick flowers according to the personality of the couple. For instance, if they are simple and sweet, go with lilies. If they are colourful and happy, go with a mixed bouquet of Gerberas and Carnations. If they are a couple who are in love and are lovable then a bouquet of Orchids is the way to go. View our Anniversary Flowers

Get Well Flowers

Giving flowers to someone who is unwell is one of the best gestures anyone can make. Make sure they are in accordance with the nature of the person, and that they are beautiful and fresh so as to cheer him/her up. You can gift Lilies, sunflowers, Orchids, roses and much more which will certainly improve their mood. View our Get Well Soon Flowers

Friendship Day

Yellow and Pink roses are the ideal flower bouquet for this occasion. Friendship flowers should be bright and elegant depending on your relationship. Roses symbolise deep-rooted and loyal friendships. Orchids are another good flower to gift on this occasion. View our Roses

House Warming

As the name of the occasion goes, choose something that exudes warmth and love, and is useful too. Choose long-lasting flowers like Lilies, Orchids or Anthuriums and gift them in a vase or a glass bowl filled with a good number of greens. Its a very good gift, and also helps in keeping the air fresh.

Mothers Day

Carnations, lily of the valley and narcissi are the most Gifted flowers world over for this occasion. Apart from that what makes the best bouquet is what you feel she will like, after all who knows your mother better than you do.

Valentines Day

Red is the colour of the day! But women will also appreciate being gifted other soft, feminine colours such as lavender, lilac, pink and peach. If you think Roses are too striking, here are some other solutions – tulips, daffodils, iris, crocuses, hyacinths or buttercups.


A sad occasion which required flowers that convey your condolences. White flowers always convey your heartfelt sympathy well. Alternatively, you can also use flowers with light pastel shades, attached with a silver or white ribbon or other decorations but don’t overdo it.


A wide range of flowers are used to celebrate Christmas, each symbolising a different aspect. Holly is the symbol of luck and masculinity, and wards off evil. Mistletoe is also an important flower for Christmas; it is a symbol of peace and is also used as by lovers to kiss under in Western cultures. The Ivy flower is associated with the resurrection of Jesus. So its your choice based on your belief.