Selecting Flowers for your star sign

Flowers, like us humans, come in a wide variety and endure phases and hardships that occur naturally over a life cycle. It is only appropriate that each zodiac sign has at least one flower to represent it. What is your … Continued

What are the origins of Valentine’s Day?

There is some debate as to the origin of Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated every year on 14th February. The Roman Emperor Claudius at that time had abolished weddings as he thought married men made bad soldiers, more concerned with … Continued

Valentines messages to accompany your flowers

With Valentines day on the horizon its time to start thinking about how you’re going to celebrate this day of love. A lot of men (young and old) find it hard to express themselves so here is a compilation of messages you can use when sending valentines day flowers to that someone special.

How do I care for my flowers after I’ve received them?

After you have received a lovely flower bouquet you want to ensure it lasts long enough for people to see it in all its glory. These tips will help you get the most out of your flower bouquet.